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Our Feed Philosophy

16% Layer Mash - Packaged and ready to go!

First and foremost we are committed to keeping our feeds free of all genetically modified ingredients. This means, among other things, avoiding soy and corn, and sourcing only non-GMO alfalfa. We find soy to be problematic even if its not genetically modified because of its phytoestrogen content, which can interfere with the hormones of the consumer, whether human or animal. In addition, some people with allergies to soy report negative effects when they consume eggs, meat or milk from animals that ate a soy based diet.

We have no problems with non-GMO corn as animal feed, but because it is difficult to source locally in its non-GMO form, we are not using it at this time.

Here in North-Central Montana where we live, a large variety of grains are grown, including wheat, barley, peas, sunflowers, and camelina, and we are proud to source the majority of our feed ingredients from local farmers.

For the minerals included in our feed mixes, we decided to go with Fertrell, a reputable company whose focus is using the highest quality ingredients for their vitamins and minerals, most of them suited for organic production.

As a new startup with a limited budget, we are using a hammer mill to produce our feeds at this time. This sometimes makes for an inconsistent grind and a more powdery feel to our feeds than we would like, and we hope to upgrade to a roller mill in the near future. We hope you'll be patient with us in the meantime, and continue feeding your animals non-GMO feeds.

We hope you and your animals like our feeds... be sure to let us know what you think!

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