Our Feeds

All of our feeds are freshly milled in small batches from locally sourced grains, seeds and oil-seed meals. We strive to source the cleanest grains possible, from farmers using little or no pesticides and herbicides. All of our feed is minimally processed and in mash form in order to prevent the nutrient loss associated with pelleting. We add a high quality organic vitamin and mineral package from Fertrell Company that includes probiotics and enzymes to support digestion and feed utilization.
Not all of our feeds are available at all locations, contact us for special orders.


Non-GMO 17% Layer Mash

 This feed contains all the protein, vitamins and minerals needed to keep your flock in top laying shape, and also has added enzymes and probiotics for optimal gut health and utilization of the grains.

   This feed is formulated as a mash. Chickens tend to waste slightly more feed when fed mashes, but much of this can be avoided by feeding in a deep trough feeder on a hard flat surface, and waiting to refill feeder until feed is completely consumed. If you're only feeding as much as chickens can eat in one day, it's helpful to moisten the feed as that help the hens eat the finely ground portion better. One advantage of a mash is that there is no high heat involved as in pelleted feeds, which allows the grains to retain more vitamins and enzymes than pellets or crumbles.

   We recommend ALWAYS having coarse grit available to laying hens, even if they're free ranging, as the grit is invaluable to getting the most nutrition out of the whole grains in the feed. Our layer feed has calcium added, but there are times the hens may feel the need for some extra, so having oyster shell available free choice is helpful as well.

Non-GMO Meat Bird Mash

This feed is developed specifically to promote health and optimal growth in broiler or meat chickens. With the protein at 19%, birds will have a good growth rate without being plagued by deformities associated with growing too fast. The added enzymes and probiotics help the birds get the most nutrition out of the feed and keep their digestion healthy. We have added some grit to this feed, but it's always a good idea to have extra grit available, preferably by sprinkling on top of the feed every few days. You can try setting it out free choice, but some breeds of meat birds may be inclined to gorge on it, so keep a close eye on it. 

This feed is great for both heritage breeds and hybrids.

If a higher protein is desired, you can feed our Non-GMO Chick starter for the first 4 weeks and then transition to the Meat Bird Mash as a Grower/Finisher

Non-GMO Chick Starter Mash

Get your chicks off to a great start with this 20% Protein Mash! It's formulated to meet all the needs of chicks in their first 8 weeks of life as they go through some growth spurts and feather out.

Like our other feeds, this feed is fortified with the highest quality vitamins and minerals, as well as probiotics and enzymes for healthy digestion and to  help them properly utilize the grain mix.

Chicks that have been eating processed crumbles at the store before coming home may need some help and time to transition to this  mash style feed. We have had success with mixing a few crumbles in with this feed for a day or two to help them transition. Once they get a taste for it though, they'll love it. Make sure to offer some chick-sized grit, first by sprinkling on top of feed for a few days and then offering it free choice in a separate container.

After chicks are fully feathered at about 7 to 8 weeks old, transition to our Non-GMO Grower/Developer Mash.

Non-GMO Pullet Grower/Developer Mash 

This feed is fed to pullets once they are fully feathered at about 6 to 8 weeks of age, until they lay their first egg. It's significantly lower in protein than the starter, as the pullets nutritional demands aren't as high anymore after feathering out, and having too much protein at this stage can lead to liver damage. The ingredients are carefully formulated to set pullets up for success as a laying hen by keeping them healthy and growing through their teenage stage. This Grower/Developer supports digestion with added probiotics and enzymes to keep everything flowing smoothly, and to help pullets utilize more of the goodness in the grain mix.

Always have plenty of clean, fresh water available and although we add some grit to the feed, it's helpful to have some free choice grit also available to the birds.

Non-GMO Montana Medley 14% All Stock Sweet Feed

This feed is expertly formulated with your whole barnyard in mind...it is safe for any animal that you want to feed it to, including sheep!

It is made from fresh, locally (Great Falls, MT) sourced grain and oil-seed meals, made up of wheat, barley, peas, oats and alfalfa, with a high quality mineral premix added. Like our layer feed, this All Stock mix contains probiotics to aid in healthy digestion. It contains no byproducts or mystery ingredients, and is textured, not pelleted in order to preserve heat sensitive vitamins and enzymes.

This feed is ground pretty finely in order to minimize sorting by some species, and in order to be more easily digested by non-ruminate species such as pigs.

Our feeding recommendation is to feed 1% to 2% of body weight or to desired outcome. Provide free choice access to quality hay or pasture for ruminants and equines, and fresh, clean water for all species. 

This feed can also be fed to chickens and other fowl, and although it is not formulated for egg production, it is fine as a maintenance feed.

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