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Why Choose Eden Feeds?

We are small family-owned business located in North-Central Montana. We are committed to using locally grown grains to produce superior feeds for all classes of livestock that are free of soy and other genetically modified ingredients. Click below to learn more about us!

Our Montana Medley All Stock Feed formula is New and Improved. It's now available at North 40!

From Our Blog


 We LOVE  your non-GMO feed! 

 I just bought a bag of your Montana Medley at Fleet in Great Falls.  I soak it and feed it to my layers. They devour it! I like that it has a lot of ingredients

 Comparing our chickens on your feed for a few weeks and no artificial lighting to a neighbor out here who used a commercial pellet and no light, ours started laying almost a month and a half before theirs. Three hens at least were the same breed. 

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